Mo Enright 

              Contemporary Art


The Easter Story full size sketch on paper being hung

Installation of The Easter Story panels in the Sanctuary of St Mary’s Church

The Easter Story panels in the Sanctuary of St Mary’s Church with uplighting

The oil painted panels situated on the East Chancel wall in the Sanctuary of St Mary’s Church Leamington Spa, were commissioned in 2000 and the whole project took approximately two years to complete. The paintings nestle in the arched recesses either side of the altar and tower up to 579cm high by 109cm wide culminating in a Lancet Arch at the apex.

The paintings show, in a semi-abstract idiom, a visual depiction of some of the momentous events in the Christian calendar leading up to Holy Week. The artist's aim was to blend the new art work with the existing artefacts of the Leonardesque Last Supper of the reredos, up through the painted panels to the large stained glass window of the Ascension.


The work was dedicated by the Bishop of Coventry on the 10th February 2002.

This work is featured on the ACEtrust website (See links)


Oil on canvas over board, 579cm x 109cm,

painted by Mo Enright.  

Location: St Mary’s Church, Leamington Spa

The Easter Story panels in the Sanctuary of St Mary’s Church in daylight

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